Static and Natural Vibration Analyses of Bending Problems Using 5-Node Equivalent Element

5절점 상당요소에 의한 굽힘문제의 정적해석 및 자유진동해석

  • Published : 1996.04.01


In the present study, we consider modified 5-node equivalent solid element which has smallest degree of freedom among 2-dimensional solid elements accounting bending deformation as well as extensional and shear deformations, We shall investigate static and dynamic characteristics of this element, which is very effective in thin beam, thick beam, large displacement problems, beam of variable thickness, and asymmetrically stepped beam, etc., as well as relatively simple problems of beam. The degree of freedom of this element is 10, which is smaller than 18 of 9-node element, 16 of 8-node elemtns, 12 of modified 6-node element and Q6 element. Therefore, this element is expected to broaden the effective range of application of the solid elements in the bending problems further.


Modified QM5 Element;Stiffness Matrix Condensation;Gauss Sampling Points;Natural Vibration analysis;Stiffness Stiffening Phenomenon