Hygrothermal Fracture Analysis of Plastic IC Package in Reflow Soldering Process

리플로 납땜 공정에서 플라스틱 IC 패키지의 습기 및 열로 인한 파손문제 해석

  • Published : 1996.04.01


The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the delamination and fracture integrity of the IC plastic package under hygrothermal loading by stress analysis and fracture mechanics approaches. The plastic SOJ package with a dimpled diepad under the reflow slodering process of IR heating type is considered. On the package without a crack, the stress variation according to the change of the design variables such as the material and shape of the package is calculated and the possibility of delamination is considered. For the model fully delaminated between the chip and diepad, J-integrals are calculated for the various design variables and the fracture integrity is discussed. From the results, optimal design values of variables to prevent the delamination and fracture of IC package are obtained. In this study, FDM program to obtain the vapor pressure from the content of moisture absorbed into the package is developed.


Plastic IC Package;J-Integral;Hygro-Thermal Loading;Moisture Absorption Analysis