내부가 유체로 채워진 보강원통쉘의 동적거동 해석

Dynamic Behavior Analysis of Stiffened Cylindrical Shell Filled with Fluid

  • 발행 : 1996.09.01


This work present the experimental resutls for the free vibration of unstiffened, stiffened cylindrical shell filled with air, half water and full water. The natural frequencies and mode shapes of unstiffened, stiffened cylindrical shell are obtained experimentally also. The natural frequencies of stiffened cylindrical shell were generally highter than those of unstiffened cylindrical shell and natural requencies were decreased as cylindrical shell was filled with water. The effect of circumferential stiffener in the first mode was shown that natural frequency more increased 25% at air environment, 29% at half water environment and 37% at full water than those of unstiffened cylindrical shell, respectively. Also, the natural frequencies were decreased according to the added mass effect of fluid in the shell of unstiffened and stiffened cylindrical shell. The six mode shape results of all cases are simular and given. The natural frequencies are determined for a wide range of parameters : e.g. unstiffened shell, and filled with air, half and full water. The effects of varying the parameters on the free vibration frequencies and mode shapes are discussed.