Prediction of Die Wear in Extrusion and Wire Drawing

축대칭 압출 및 인발공정 중의 금형마멸예측

Kim, Tae-Hyeong;Kim, Byeong-Min;Choi, Jae-Chan

  • Published : 1996.10.01


In cold forming processes, due to high working pressure action on the die surface, failure mechanics must be considered before die design. One of the main reasons of die failure in industrial application of metal forming technologies is wear. Die wear affects the tolerances of formed parts, metal flow and costs of process etc. The only way to control these failures into devlop methods which allow prediction of die wear and which are suited to be used in the design state in order to optimize the process. In this paper, the forming propcesses that involve cold forward extrusion and wire drawing were simulated by rigid plastic finite element method and its output were used for predicting die wear by Archard wear model. The simulation results were compared with the measured worn dies.


Die Wear;Wear Model;Cold Forming;Finite Element Mothod