A Novel Micro-Machining Technique Using Mechanical and Chemical Methods

기계 및 화학적 가공법을 이용한 신 미세가공기술

  • Published : 1996.10.01


The objective of this study is to develop novel method named mechanical and chemical machining technique, which is capable of producing three dimensional patterns of few micrometers in dimension on a silicon wafer without the use of a mask. The strategy is to impart mechanical energy along the path of the pattern to be fabricated on a single crystal silicon by way on introdusing frictional interaction under controlled conditions. Then, the surface is preferentially etched to reveal the areas that have been mechanically energized. Upon completion of the etching process, the three dimensional pattern is produced on the silicon surface. Experiments have been conducted to identify the optimal tool material, geometery, as well as fabrication condition. The new technique introduced in this paper is significantly simpler than the conventional method which require sophisticated equipment and much time.


Micro-Machining;Etching;Micro-Patterns;Single Crystal Silicon Wafer