Propagation Characteristics of a Surface Crack on a Semi-Infinite Body Due to Frictional Heating

마찰열에 의한 반무한체 표면균열의 전파특성

  • Published : 1996.10.01


In this paper, to examine the propagation of inclined surface crack due to frictional heating, analytic model is considered as the semi-infinite elastic body subjected to the thermo-mechanical loading of an asperity moving with a high speed. Considering the moving of frictional heat source and convection on a semi-infinite surface having inclined crack, theoretical analysis was carried out to estimate the propagation characteristics of thermo-mechanical crack. Numerical results showed that stress intensity factor $K_\prod/P_0\sqrt{c}$ is increasing with increasing velocity and frictional coefficient, inclined degree, decreasing crack length and the maximum value of it is positioned at the trailing edge. So it is shown that the propagation probability of surface crack is high at the trailing edge of contact area as increasing velocity and frictional coefficient, inclined degree, as decreasing crack length.


Thermal Stress;Frictional Heat;Surface Crack;Stress Intensity Factor;Semi-Infinite Elastic Body