A Study on the Thermal Stress Analysis of Axi-Symmetric Hollow Cylinder

축대칭 중공실린더의 길이방향 온도분포하의 열탄성응력 해석에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1996.10.01


Previous works about the cylindrical shape elastic body which is under longitudinal temperature distribution mostly show the results of free expansion, therefore exact thermo-elastic analysis is needed. The object of this work is to analyze the thermo-elastic problem of the hollow cylinder when the cylinder is under longitudinal temperature distribution. In this paper, the analytical solution is found by using Galerkin vector, and it is compared by the results of FEM. For displacements of cylinder, analytical values are almost same as the results of FEM, but free expansion is not fit for analytical solution and the results of FEM. stresses from analytical solution and the results of FEM show good agreement also. but the results are different near the end boundary, since St. Venant principle is applied.


Finite Element Method;Galerkin Vector;Strain Modifiec Bessel Function