A Study on the Characteristics of Elastic Wave Propagation in Plates Using Double Pulsed Laser Holographic Interferometry

이중펄스레이저 홀로그래픽 간섭법을 이용한 평판의 탄성파 전파특성에 관한 연구

Lee, Ki-Baik;Na, Jong-Moon;Kim, Jeong-Hun

  • Published : 1996.10.01


In this paper, the propagation of elastic wave generated by loading impact to plates made of isotropic of anisotropic material was studied. And the influence of boundary conditions (free or clamped edge) upon the reflection of elastic wave was anlyzed. Also, double exposure holographic interferometer using ruby pulse laser was formed in order to investigate transient waves. Before the elasitc wave was reflected from the edges, the elastic wave of isotropic plate such as aluminum plate showed circular interferometric fringe pattern, whereas that of anisotropic plate such as epoxy composite laminates showed elliptical one. And the transverse displacement curves obtained from experiment and theory for both plates agreed well. Also, the waves reflected from the boundary edges showed much differences according to the boundary condition of edges.


Double Exposure Holography;Impact Load;Elastic Wave