Process Sequence Design in Cold Forged Part of Hub

허브 냉간단조품의 공정설계

  • Published : 1996.11.01


The Hub is an auto mobile component used as aircon clutch. The important aspects in cold forging of the Hub with complex geometry are the design of an initial shape of the workpiece, the possibility of the forming by one-stage operation and the determination of number of performs, etc. Based on the systematic procedure of process sequence design, in this paper, the forming operation of cold forged part of the Hub is designed by the rigid-plastic finite element method. The two design criterion of geometrical filling without defect and an even distribution of effective strain in final product are investigated in controlling the initial shape of the workpiece and preform configuration. It is noted that one preforming operation is required in order to obtain final product of the Hub.


Cold Forged Part;Process Sequence Design;Rigid-Plastic Finite Element Method;Defect;Preform