An Investigation of Slab-FEM for Rolling Analysis

압연해석을 위한 슬래브-유한요소법에 대한 연구

Song, Jung-Hoon;Park, Jong-Jin

  • Published : 1996.11.01


Compared to a full three dimensional FEM, the Slab-FEM hybrid method reduces the required computation time distinctly and it can be applied to the analysis of a shape rolling process. However, the method is somewhat approximate and predictions by the method contain certain inaccuracies. In the present investigation a parameter called T-factor was introduced to compensate the inaccuracies of the method and proper values of the parameter were estimated for different widths of bars and reduction ratios. Then, the method was applied to analyze cold and hot rollings of rectangular bars and predicted results were compared to those of experiments. Nonuniform distributions of temperature in the bars were predicted by utilizing the temperature equation obtained for a semi-infinite solid under radiation and convection boundary conditions. It was found out that accuracies of spread and roll separating force predictions could be enhanced by using proper values of the T-factor.


Slab-Fem;Rolling;Spread;Roll Separating Force;T-Factor