Effects of Secondary Forming Process on Mechanical Properties of $SiC_p$/Al Composites Fabricated by Squeeze Casting

용탕단조법에 의하여 제조한 $SiC_p$/Al 복합재료의 2차 성형공정이 기계적 성질에 미치는 영향

Seo, Y.H;Kang, C.G

  • Published : 1996.11.01


A metal matrix composites(MMCs) for A16061 reinforced with silicon carbide particles is fabricated by melt-stirring method. The primary products of MMCs billets are prepared by volume fractions 5 vol% to 20 vol% and particle size $13\mu m$ to $22\mu m$.This paper will be made to examine the microstructure and mechanical properties of fabricated $SiC_p$/Al 6061 composite by melt-stirring and squeeze casting method. The MMC billets is extruded at $500^{\circ}C$ under the constant extrusion velocity $V_e$=2mm/min using curved shape die. Extrusion force, particle rearrangement, micro structure and mechanical properties of extruded composites will be investigated. The mechanical properties of primary billets manufactured by melt-stirring and squeeze casting method will be compared with extrusion specimen. The effect of volume fraction and size of the reinforcements will be studied. The increase in uniformity of particle dispersion is the major reason for an improvement in reliability due to hot extrusion with optimal shape die. Experimental Young's modulus and 0.2% offset yield strength for the extruded MMCs will be compared with theretical values calculated by the Eshelby method. A method will be proposed for the prediction of Young's modulus and yield strength in $SiC_p$ reinforced MMCs.


Metal Matrix Composites;Melt-Stirring Method;Squeeze Casting;Homogeneous Distribution;Extrusion;Curved Shape Die