An Analytical Synthesis Method of Dynamic Systems in Terms of Bond Graphs

본드선도를 이용한 동적시스템의 해석적 종합방법

  • Published : 1996.11.01


This paper presents an attempt to find the physical structure of dynamic systems which achieves the behavior of a given system function. The scheme pursued by the paper would be regarded as synthesizing dynamic systems, and a method to synthesize them analytically is proposed by means of bond graph prototypes. The method adopts several conceptsused to synthesize networks in the electrical field, but yet deconstrates its own strengths such as the freedom from assigning causality and determining junction types. Also, itis shown that this method has further advantages in reticulating a given specification into feedforward and feedback components relative to network synthesis and the method is examined though an example to trace the outline of the analytical synthesis of dynamic systems using bond graph prototypes.


Bond Graphs;Bond Graph Prototypes;Network Synthesis;Positive Real Function;Feedforward and Feedback Structures;Analysical Synthesis Method