Robust Vibration Control of Smart Structures via Discrete-Time Fuzzy-Sliding Modes

이산시간 퍼지-슬라이딩모드를 이용한 스마트구조물의 강건진동제어

  • Published : 1996.11.01


This paper presents a new discrete-time fuzzy-sliding mode controller for robust vibration control of a smart structure featuring a piezofilm actuator. A governong equation of motion for the smart beam structure is derived and discrete-time codel with mismatched uncertainties such as parameter variations is constructed ina state space. A discrete-time sliding mode control system consisting of an equivalent controller and a discontinuous controller is formulated. In the design of the equivalent part, so called an equivalent controller separation method is adopted to achieve vzster convergence to a sliding surface without extension of a sliding region, in which the system robustness maynot be guaranteed. On the other hand, the discontinuous part is constructed on the basis of both the sliding and the convergence conditions using a time-varying feedback gain. The sliding moide controller is then incorporated with a fuzzy technique to appropriately determine principal control parameters such as a discountinuous feedback gain. Experimental implementation on the forced and random vibraiton controls is undertaken in order to demonstrate superior control performance of the proposed controller.


Smart Structure;Robust Vibration Control;Piezofilm Actuator;Discrete-Time Fuzzy-Sliding Model Control