Study on the Hydromechanical Reverse Redrawing Pprocess Assisted by Separate Radial Pressure

분리된 원주압 보조 액압유도 역 재드로잉공정에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1996.12.01


High-quality cups of deep drawing ratio of more than four cannot be simply drawn by conventional drawing and redrawing processes. In the present study, after the first deep drawing process, subsequent hydromechanical reverse redrawing with controlled radial pressure is employed. In order to increase the deep drawing ratio up to muchmore than four, the radial pressure should be controlled independently of the chamber pressure and thus an optimum forming condition can be found easily by varying the radial pressure. The process has been subjected to finite element analysis by using the rigid-platic material modeling considering all the frictional conditions induced by the hydrostatic pressure. In order to consider the pressure effect on the sheet, the pressure distributions on the flange part and the side wall part are calculated mumerically from simplified Navier-stokes equation. The comparison of the computation with the experiment has shown that the finite element modeling can be conveniently emplyed for the design of the process with reliability from the viewpoint of formability.


Hydromechanical;Separate Radial Pressure;Finite Element Method