Transformation of a Dynamic Load into an Equivalent Static Load and Shape Optimization of the Road Arm in Self-Propelled Howitzer

자주포 로드암 동하중의 상당 정하중으로의 변환 및 형상최적설계

  • Published : 1996.12.01


Generally, dynamic loads are applied to real structures. Since the analysis with the dynamic load is extremely difficult, static loads are utilized by proper conversions of the dynamic loads. The dynamic loads are usually converted ot static loads by safety foactors of experiences. However, it may increase weight and decrease reliability. In this study, a method is proposed for the conversion process. An equivalent static load is calculated ot generate a same maximum displacement. The method is verified through numerical tests on a spring-mass systems of one and multi degrees-of freedom. It has been found that the duration time of the loads and the natural frequencies of the structures are critical in the conversion process. A road arem is a self-propelled howizer is selected for the application of the proposed method. The shape of the road arm is optimized under the converted static loads.


Dynamic Load;Static Load;Conversion;Maximum Displacement;Natural Frequency;Duration Time

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