The Fatigue Cumulative Damage and Life Prediction of GFRP under Random Loading

랜덤하중하의 GFRP의 피로누적손상거동과 피로수명예측

Kim, Jeong-Gyu;Sim, Dong-Seok

  • Published : 1996.12.01


In this study, the prediction of the fatigue life as well as the extimation of the characteristics of fatigue cumulative damage on GFRP under random loading were performed. The constant amplitude tests and the ramdom loading test were carried on notched GFRP specimens with a circular hole. Random waves were generated with a micro-computer and had wide band spectra. Since it is useful that the prediction of fatigue life ot the given load sequences is based on S-N curves under constant amplitude loading, the estimation of equivalent stress is done on every random waves. The equivalent stress wasat first estimated by Miner's rule and then by the proposed model which was based on Hashin-Rotem's comulative damage theory regarding nonlinear fatigue cumulative damage behavior. The fatigue lives were predicted from each equivalent stress evaluated. And each predicted fatigue llife was compared with experimental results. The number of cycles of random loads were counted by mean-cross counting method. The reuslts showed that the fatigue life predicted by proposed model was correlated well with the experimental results in comparison with Miner's model.


Fatigue Cumulative Damage;Secant Modulus;Damage Curve;Cumulative Damage Theory;Random Loading;Weibull Distribution Function