A Study on the Machinability Charateristic of SM45C and SCM440

SM45C와 SCM440의 피삭성 검토에 관한 연구

  • Kim, Nam-Hoon (Dept. of Die and Mould, Chonan National Technical College, Chonan) ;
  • Lee, Yung-Sung (Dept. of Die and Mould, Chonan National Technical College, Chonan)
  • 김남훈 (천안공업전문대학 금형과) ;
  • 이용성 (천안공업전문대학 금형과)
  • Published : 1996.12.01


In order to clarify the effects of nonmetallic inclusion contents insteels (SM45C & SCM440) on the tool life, cutting experiment was performed under various cutting conditions. Tool life, cutting force, roughness of machined surface and cutting mechanism are examined on these two kinds of steel. The following conclusions were obtained from the analysis (1) Cutting force of the steels was not affected by chemical component and nonmetallic inclusion. (2) If the rate of amount, Ca/S has a value grater than about 0.2 and addition of less amount of Al, Mn, tool wear of tips decreasesinturning. (3) It is also proved that higher contents of nonmetallic inclusion improve roughness of the surface. (4) Less amount of Ca, higher amount of S, Mn and Al improve the chip breakability.


Mahinability;Nonmetallic Inclusion;Cutting Force;Chip Breakability;Plowing Force;Chipping