조립오차가 능동 자기베어링으로 지지된 축의 성능에 미치는 영향

The Influence of Assembling Errors on the Performance of the Rotor Supported by Active Magnetic Bearings

  • 발행 : 1996.12.01


Magnetic bearing is the machine element that supports the shaft without mechanical contact using the magnetic force induced by permanent magnet of electromagnet. Active magnetic bearing system is composed of sensor, controller, power amplifier, and electromagnet. If all the elements were dieal, shaft position could be controlled to sensor resolution, Because each elements inreal system have mechanical and electricla losses and nonlinearity, it is impossible to attain the desired performance using general control algorithm. So far it has been studied on improvement of the control algorithm of the electric characteristics of each elements. Another factors to affect shaft behavior are the manufacturing errors due to machine work, and assembling errors due to accumulate manufacturing errors of the radial magnetic bearing. This paper describes that the shaft behavior due to accumulate manufacturing errors and asymmetric bolting. This paper describes that the shaft behavior due to assembling errors of the radial bearings donot affect the rotaitonal accuracy of the shaft. But when the amplitude of the assembling errors increasees over the certain value, the bearing can not support the shaft properly.


능동 자기베어링;조립오차;평행도;동축도