Prediction of Fatigue Life Using Dynamic Simulation and Finite Element Anlaysis for Construction Equipment

중장비의 동적시뮬레이션과 유한요소법을 이용한 피로수명에측

  • Published : 1996.05.01


The need of companies shorten the design-to-manufacturing process for new products with improved quality in cost effective manner places increasing demends on engineers to simulate the performance characteristics of a design before it is built of a prototype is developed. For theses demands CAE(Computer-Aided Engineering) offers engineers not only giving confidence of their design but also eliminating potential errors due totesting prototypes in small numbers. This paper present the method to predict the fatigue life using dynamics simulation and FEA(Finite Element Analysis) for construciton equipment in the computer before building prototype. The dynamicsimulatio is to get the load-time history corresponding to the maneuvering and driving of the construction equipment. The FEA is to build a model of the structure and then analyse to define the local stress response to applied loadings using linear static analysis.


Finite Element Analysis;Dynamic Simulation;Load-Time History;Stress-Time History;Fatigue Life