Modeling and Analysis of a Friction Drive Type Precise Actuator

마찰구동형 액추에이터의 동특성 모델 및 거동 해석

  • Published : 1996.05.01


In this work, a precies actuator which is capable of high positioning accuracy is developed. For estimation the dynamic behavior of the actuator, system modeling is performed by employing a stick-slip frection law. Dynamic characteristics over various types of driving input signals and vibraiton loci of the driving tip are examined by experiments. Phase differences between the input signals are applied, and the dynamic behavior of slider is investigated. From the simulation and experimental results, it is observed that the dynamic behaviors from the simulation results agree fairly well to those of the experimental results. Thisindicates that the model developed in this work is applicable to other precision mechanisms in which a friction farce is as improtant factor for actuation.


Precise Actuator;Piezoelectric Element;Stick-Slip Friction Law