경계요소법에 의한 축대칭 탄성체의 형상설계 민감도해석을 위한 직접미분법과 터빈 디스크의 형상최적설계

Direct Differentiation Method for Shape Design Sensitivity Analysis of Axisymmetric Elastic Solids by the BEM and Shape Optimization of Turbin Disc

  • 이부윤 (한국중공업(주) 기술연구소)
  • Lee, Bu-Yun (Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction )
  • 발행 : 1996.05.01


A direct differentiationmethod is presented for the shape design sensitivity analysis of axisymmeetric elastic solids. Based on the exisymmetric boundary integralequaiton formulation, a new boundary ntegral equatio for sensitivity analysis is derived by taking meterial derivative to the same integral identity that was used in the adjoint variable melthod. Numerical implementation is performed to show the applicaiton of the theoretical formulation. For a simple example with analytic solution, the sensitivities by present method are compared with analytic sensitivities. As an application to the shape optimization, an optimal shape of a gas turbine disc toinimize the weight under stress constraints is found by incorporating the sensitivity analysis algorithm in an optimizatio program.