Analysis of Three-Dimensional Rigid-Body Collisions with Friction -CoIlisions between EIlipsoids-

마찰력이 개재된 3차원 강체충돌 해석 - 타원체간 충돌 -

  • Han, In-Hwan (Department of Mechanical Design Engineering, Hong-Ik University) ;
  • Jo, Jeong-Ho (Graduate school of Hongik University)
  • Published : 1996.05.01


The problem of determining the 3-demensional motion of any two rough bodies after a collision involves some rather long analysis and yet in some points it differs essentially from the corresponding problem in tdwo dimensions. We consider a special problem where two rough ellipsolids moving in any manner collide, and analyze the three dimensional impact process with Coulomb friction and Poisson's hypothesis. The differential equations that describe that process of the impact induce a flow in the tangent velocity space, the flow patterns characterize the possible impact cases. By using the graphic method in impulse space and numerical integration thchnique, we analyzed the impact process inall the possible cases and presented the algorithm for determining the post-impact motion. The principles could be applied to the general problem in three dimensions. We verified the effectiveness of the analysis results by simulating the numerous significant examples.


Three-Dimensional Rigid-Body;Ellipsoid;Theory of Impulse and Momentum;Poissons Hypothesis;Frictional Impact;Sliding and Sticking;Forward Sliding