Robust Tracking Control of Smart Flexible Structures Featuring Piezofilm Actuators

압전필름 작동기로 구성된 스마트 유연 구조물의 강건추적제어

  • Published : 1996.05.01


This paper presents a robust control of a smart flexible structure featured by a piezofilm actuator characterizing its light weght and quick response time. A mathematical governing equation for the proposed structure is derived by employing Hamilton's principle and a state space control model is subsequentrly obtained through modal analysis. Uncertain system parameters such as frequency variation are included in the control model. A sliding mode control theroy thich has inherent robustness to systme uncertainties is adopted to design a tracking controller for the peizofilm actuator. Using the output informaiton from the tip deflection sensor, a full-order observer is constructed ot estimate state variables for the system. Tracking performances for desired trajectories of sinusoidal amd step functions are evaluated by undertaking both simulation and experimental works.


Smart Structure;Position Tracking Control;Robust Control;Piezofilm Actuator;Sliding Mode Control