High-Velocity Deformation Analysis Using the Rigid-Plastic Finite Elemement Method Considering Inertia Effect

관성효과가 고려된 강소성 유한요소법을 이용한 고속변형해석

  • Published : 1996.05.01


The rigid-plastic finite element formulation including the inertia force is derived and then the rigid-plastic finite elemnt program considering the inertia effect is developed. In order to consider the strain hardening, strain rate hardening and thermal softening effects which are frequentrly observed in high-velocity deformation phenomena, the Johnson-Cook constitutive odel is applied. The developed program is used to simulate two high-velocity deformation problemss ; rod impact test and hdigh-velocity compression precess. As a result of rod impact test simulation, it is found that the siulated result has a good agreement with the experimental observation. Through the high-velocity compression process simulation. it is also found that the accuracy of the simulated results is dependent upon the time increment size and mesh size.


Reigid-Plastic Finite Element Method;Inertia Effect;Rod Impact Simulation;High-Velocity Compression Simulation