Active Noise Control Using Sensory Actuator

자기감응 액추에이터를 이용한 능동소음제어

  • 고병식 (대우자동차(주) 기술연구소)
  • Published : 1996.05.01


This paper present as experimental demonstratio of DSP and a sensory actuator that is used to actively control sound transmission/radiation through a vibrating plate. A plane acoustic wave incident on a clamped, thin circular plate was used as a noise source, and a sensory actuator bounded to the plate was used to control and sense vibration of the plate. The sound transmission reduction problem was tranformed as a structural vibration control problem that actively control the structural vibration modes coupled to acoustic modes. The results show that the first structural vibration mode is controlled with a reduction of 78 percent in the displacement and velocity of the plate. This corresponds to a 13dB reduction in the acoustic response. These experimental results indicate that a sensory actuator bounded to the plate can be employed to attenuate the sound transmitted to radiated from the plate.


Active Control;Sound Transmission;Sensory Actuator;Piezoelectric Material Positive Position Feedback;FRF;Active Vibration Control;Induced Charge;Induced Voltage;DSP(Digital Signal Processing);Active Noise Control