Damage Behavior and Residual Bending Fatigue Strength of CFRP Composite Laminates Subjected to Impact Loading

충격하중을 받은 CFRP 적층판의 손상거동과 잔류굽힘피로강도

Im, Kwang-Hee;Yang, In-Young

  • Published : 1996.06.01


In this paper, static and fatigue bending strengths of CFRP(carbon fiber reinforced plastic laminates having impact damage(FOD) are evaluated. Composite laminates used for this experiment are CF/EPOXY and CF/PEEK orthotropy laminated plates, which have two-interfaces[${0^0}_4{90^0}_4}$]$_sym$. A steel ball launched by the air gun colides against CFRP laminates to generate impact damages. The damage growth during bending fatigue test is observed by the scanning acoustic microscope(SAM). When the impacted side is compressed, the residual fatigue bending strength of CF/PEEK specimen P is greater that that of CF/EPOXY SPECIMEN B. On the other hand, when the impacted side is in tension, the residual fatigue bending strength of CF/PEEK speicemen P is smaller than that of CF/EPOXY specimen B. In the case of impacted-side compression, fracture is proposed from the transverse crack generated near impact point. On the other hand, fracture is developed toward the impact point from the edge of interface-b delamination in the case of impacted-side tension.


FOD;Impact Damage;CFRP;Delamination Area;Impact Energy;Residual Fatigue Strength