응력특이성계수에 의한 이종 접합재료의 강도평가

Strength Evaluation of Bonded Dissimilar Materials by Using Stress Singularity Factor

  • 정남용 (숭실대학교 기계공학과) ;
  • 오봉택 (숭실대학교 대학원 기계공학과)
  • Jeong, Nam-Yong (Dept.of Mechanical Engineering, Soongsil University) ;
  • O, Bong-Taek (Dept.of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Soongsil University)
  • 발행 : 1996.07.01


Recentrly advantages in composite and light weight material techniques have led to the increased use of bonded dissimilar materials such as ceramics/metal bonded joints, IC package, brazing, coating and soldering in the various industries. It is required to analyze the evaluation method of fracture strength and design methodology of bonded joints in dissimilar materials. Stress singularity according to changes of scarf angles for bonded scarf joints in dissimilar materials was investigated by the boundary element method and static experiments. In this paper, effect of the stress singularity factors at the interface edges of scarf joints on various dissmilar materials combinations were investigated by analysis of its stress and stress singularity index using 2-dimensional elastic program of boundary element method. And the variations of stress singularity index by changes for Young's modulus ratios of materials and scarf angles were investigated. Also, it is found that stress singularities at bonded interface edges are disappeared for certain combination of scarf angle in a pair of bonded dissimilar materials. As the results, it is proposed that the strength evaluation by using stress singularity factors, $\Gamma$, considering stress singularity at the interface edges of bonded dissimilar materials, is very useful.


이종 접합재료;강도평가;응력특이성계수;경사이음;경계요소법;정적시험;파괴기준