Analysis on the Measured Natural Frequencies Due to the Structure-Exciter Interaction

구조물-가진기 상호작용에 의한 공진주파수 변동에 대한 해석

  • Han, Sang-Bo (Dept.of Mechanical Design and Production Engineering, Kyungnam University)
  • 한상보 (경남대학교 기계설계학과)
  • Published : 1996.07.01


The purpose of this paper is to investigate the influence of the exciter attached for the measurement of natural frequencies when extracting the frequency response functions of the test structure in experimental modal analysis. The procedure is first to model the attached exciter as an additional degree of freedom system and next to verify the suggested model by experimentally extracting the natural frequencies of the test structure with various values of exciter mass, stinger stiffness and attachment position of the exciter on the test structure. It is concluded that as additional degree of freedom system which includes the natural frequency of the exciter itself and axial stiffness of stinger should be considered to quantatively define the coupling effects of structure-exciter interaction on the measured natural frequencies. It is not the mass of the exciter itself but the coupling effect of the additional degree of freedom mass-spring system consisting of exciter body and armature coil that characterizes the natural frequency deviation. Therefore, when the natural frequency of this additional mass-spring system is outside of the test frequency range, the coupling effect of structure-exciter interaction can be minimized.


Structure-Exciter Interaction;Stinger;Coupling Effect;Frequency Response Function;Additional Degree of Freedom System