Two-Axis Force Rransducer for Measuring Flange Reaction Forces in the Tape Transport of VCR

VCR 주행장치의 2축 플랜지 반력 측정장치 개발

  • Published : 1996.07.01


This paper presents the design process and evaluaation results of a two-axis force transducer for measuring flange reaction forces. A double-cantilever beam structure is used as a sensing element, and its optimal configuration is determined based on the derived strain equations to maximize the sensitivity and minimize the regid body displacements. To reduce the coupling errors between two-axis forces, strain distributions by finite elemetns analysis are utilized and the Wheaststone bridge cricuits composed of strain gages are built such that the output voltage should be zero, although strains of four strain gages are not zero. Calibration test shows that the two-azxis force transducer developed in this paper is useful in measuring flange reaction forces within the coupling error of 5.53%.


Double-Cantilever Beam;Two-axis Force Transducer;Tape Transport;Flange Reaction Force;Coupling Error