Upper Bound Analysis of Plane Strain Hot Strip Rolling Process

상계해석법을 이용한 평면변형 열간 판압연공정해석

  • Published : 1996.08.01


An upper bound solution is obtained to perform the process analysis of hot strip rolling process. The material flows within the roll bite at various geometries and frictional conditions are obtained from finite element analysis and the typical flow pattern which is necessary to determine the kinematically admissible velocity field is assumed. From the kinematically admissible velocity field, the upper bound energy is calculated and the rolling load, angle of neutral point and forward slip ratio at various operational conditions are obtained from upper bound energy. The process analysis of above mentioned parameters at various operational conditions have provided valuable information which is hard to obtain during rolling operation and the predicted ranges of quantitive values from these analyses lie whthin the bound of actual operational data.


Finishing Mill;Hot Strip Rolling;Finite Element Method;Upper Bound Analysis;Kinematically Admissible Belocity Field;Constant Friction Factor;Neutral Point;Pseudo-Independent Parameter;Rolling Force;Forward Slip