Development of a Hydraulic Servo Cylinder with an Integrated Feedback Mechamism

일체형 파드백 기구를 갖는 유압 서보실린더 개발 연구

  • Published : 1996.08.01


This paper presents a new type of hydraulic servo chllinder which is characterized by its simple construction and an ubtegrated feedback mechanism. Piston position of the cylinder is controlled by eletrical input and mechamical feedback deduced from its own structure. Hydraulic pressure in each cylinder room is controlled by a poppet valve. The poppet is activated by a solenoid and is linked to the piston. Solenoid input current pulls up the poppet, which results in pressure drop and thus piston motion. The piston motion generates pull down force on the poppet by the linkage and the motion stops at equilibrium. In that way the piston position is controlled by an expernal input current. Characteristics of the servo cylinder is verified by stability analysis, tranient vehavior and steady state positing for step input. Design parameter analyses have been executed by derivation of analytical approximate solutions and by computer simulations. A prototype hydraulic servo cylinder is developed and tested. The experimental results show successful function of the servo cylinder and consistency with the theoritical results.


Hydraulic Servo Cylinder;Backcap;Remote Control;Mechanical Feedback;Poppet Valve