A Study on the Design Theory of a Mechanical System : Using a Washing Machine Transmission as a Model

세탁기용 트랜스미션을 모델로 한 기계 시스템 설계이론에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1996.02.01


New design principles nad necessary conditions for a mechanical system have been suggested to be kept in the design process using a washing machine transmission as a model. The necessary conditions are funcitnal requirement condition and spatial arrangement condition. The design principles to satisfy the necessary conditions are the principle of sequence and the principle of expansion. Decision sequence for state variables and design varibles of various mechanicla elements have been formulated. New automatic design program for washing machine transmission has been developed observing the necessary conditions and design principles investigated in this study. It was verified to be very effective to follow the design conditions, principles nad formulated decision sequence in mechanical system design process.


Design Theory;Design Principles;Design Process;Washing Machine


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