Flow characteristics of supersonic twin-fluid atomizers

초음속 2유체 분무노즐의 유동 특성

  • Published : 1996.07.01


Twin-fluid atomization has been widely used in combustors and process industries because of its high performance and simple structure. Flow visualization and pressure measurements were conducted to investigate the effects of gas flow in twin-fluid atomization. Schlieren photographs showed that changes in atomizing gas pressure, altered the wave patterns, and the lengths of both recitrculating toroid (impinging stangnation point) nad supersonic flow region in the jet. A longer supersonic wave pattern like net-shape wqas observed as atomizing gas pressure increased. The disintegration phenomenon of liquid delivery tube. The variation of spray angles with gas pressures were obtained by visualization using laser sheet beam. Suction pressuresat the nozzle orifice exit and recirculating region are shown to be used to estimate the stable atomization condition of a twin-fluid atomizer.


Twin-Fluid Atomization;Flow Visualization;Suction Pressure;Supersonic Flow