Acoustic Emission Monitoring Fine Wire Drawing Process

와이어 인발가공에 있어서 음향방출 발생 특성

  • Published : 1996.03.01


From a manufacturing standpoint it would be desirable to monitor the degradation of drawing die, that is essential for the maintenance of die quality, the evaluation of product integrity and the reducing scrap. Acoustic emission is powerful method in monitoring fine wire drawing process, especially in detecting the die fracture at early stage. Experiments also suggested that acoustic emission sigals contained valuable information regarding the stage of a drawing process such as the surface appearance of products and the condition of lubrication. These informations are AE monitoring techniques a possible tool in monitoring the drawing process operation. In order to approach this, this paper discusses the nature of acoustic emission signal presented which illustrate the effects of wire and die material, lubricants, and drawing speed on the generation and the mean voltage level of acoustic emission signal. From these experimental, results, we understanded controlling factors of acoustic emission generation.


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