The Clinical Comparision of Amrinone and Dopamine after Open Heart Surgery

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  • Published : 1996.02.01


Amrinone is a non-glycosidic, non-adrenergic positive inotropic agent with peripheral and coronary vasodilator effect. It inhibits phosphodiesterase F-III, the cardiac cyclic-AMP specific phosphodiesterase, selectively and potently. In this study, the effects of IV administered amrinone and dopamine were compared in 40 patients who had open heart surgery. Amrinone was administered as a bolus of 1 5~2mglkg for several minutes, followed by continuous infusion at 5~1 Oug/kg/min. The hemodynamic measurements including heart rate, systolic and diastolic pressure, cardiac index, pulmonary wedge pressure, and systemic vascular resistance were recorded immediately for 12~24 hours awl 7th day following operation. In amrinone group, cardiac index increased from 3.73$\pm$1.39 L/min/m2 to 5.44$\pm$2.65 L/min/m2 at the time of posterative 48 hours (n=20, p< 0.05). The decrease in systemic vascular resistance from 1237.5 $\pm$ 637.7 dyne/sec/cm2 to 1000.8 $\pm$ 608.5 dyne/sec/cm2(p<0.05). In Dopamine group, the heart rate increased from 92.1 $\pm$ 13.0/min to 101.0 $\pm$ 13.1/min and the cardiac index decreased from 3.40 $\pm$ 0.50 L/min/m2 to 2.53 $\pm$ 1.15 L/min/m2 at the time of postoperative 12 hours(p<0.05). Systemic vascular resistance increased from 1058.5 $\pm$ 234.6 dyne/sec/cm2 to 1979.7 $\pm$ 759.2 dynelsec/cm2 The comparison of the hemodynamic effects of amrinone and dopamine, both drugs improved cardiac performance. But the administration of amrinone results in a higher cardiac index, diastolic blood pressure and lower systemic vascular resistance than those achieved with dopamine (p<0.05). The uniqueness of the action of amrinone on the heart and its sustained hemodynamic effect suggest it has clinical promise, pos operative care of cardiac surgery


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