Characterization of the grown - in defects in the large diameter silicon crystal grown by Czochralski method

대구경 규소 Czochralski 단결정 속의 결정 결함 규명

  • Published : 1996.03.01


Grown-in defects like OISF and FPD in the large diameter(> 8 inch)of silicon crystal are characterized. It was revealed that the presence of the ring-patterned OISF would deterorate the minority life time of the silicon crystal. Through the cooling experiment from the $1250^{\circ}C$, the nucleation of the OISF was confirmed to follow the homogeneous nucleation and growth process. In addition to OISF nucleus, crystal originated particle, which was known to be closely related with FPD (Flow Pattern Defects), was found to depend on the pulling rate of the crystal. Combination of the lower rate of the pulling and the faster cooling near the $950^{\circ}C$ is proposed to be effective method in reducing the generation of these grown-in defects.



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