Effect of Superovulation and Freezing Methods on the Survival of Bovine Embryos

육우의 과배란 유기와 동결방법이 난자의 생존율에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1996.12.01


The effect of superovulation (PMSG, FSH) on the ovarian response of matured cows were tested. The survival rates of bovine embryos and ovarian oocytes frozen by slow, rapid freezing and vitrification were investigated. A total of 15 heads of cow were devided into 3 groups by injection dose of GTH (PSMG, FSH). Each group was superrovulated with injections of 2, 500, 3, OOOJU PSMG and 40mg FSH followed by injection of 30mg PGF2a. Embryos were non-surgically recovered from superovulated cows 6~7days after estrus. The recovered embryos were frozen in 10% glycerol + 10% sucrose by slow and rapid freezing. Ovarian oncytes were frozen in 20% g]ycerol+l0% ethylene glycerol + 30% Ficol + 10% sucrose by vitrification and the survival of frozen embryos and ovarian oncytes were judged by FDA-test. The results are summarized as follows; 1. Estrus after the injection of 2500, 3000 I.U. PMSG and 4Omg FSH were 32.8, 35.0 and 43.4 and the duration of estrus were 18.6, 18.8 and 22.4 hours respectively. 2. The average sizes of the left ovaries were 5.4cm (2, 500 IU PMSG), 5.1cm (3, OOOIU PMSG) and 6.4cm (FSH), and the right were 6.2cm (2, 5001U PMSG), 5.7cm (3, OOOIU PMSG) and 7.&m (FSH) respectively. There were significant differences in the right overies among treatments (P<0.05). 3. The average number of ovarian follicles in the left ovaries were 4.8 (2, 500 IU PMSG), 5.2(3, 000 IU PMSG) and 7.8 (FSH) respectively. There were significant difference in the right ovaries among treatments (P<0.05). 4. In the average numbers of ovulation points in the left ovaries were 3.0 (2, 5001U PMSG), 3.2 (3, OOOIU PMSG) and 4.4 (FSH) respectively, and the right were 7.2 (2, 5001U PMSG), 7.8(3, 000IU PMSG) and 11.4 (FSH). There were significant differences in the right ovaries among treatments (P<0.05). 5. The numbers of the recovered embryos were 20 (2, 5001U PMSG), 19 (3, 000 IU PMSG) and 21 (FSH) respectively, and oncytes and degenerted oncytes were 6.5 and 11.0 Estrus periods of post parturation were 52.4days (2, 5001U PMSG), 69.8days (3, OOOIU PMSG) and 62.4days (FSH) respectively. 6. The FDA score of cow morulae frozen by slow freezing, sernirapid frezing and vitrified freezing was higher in slow (3.1) and vitrified freezing (3.0) than that in semirapid freezing (1.28). The FDA-scores of cow, pig and rabbit ovarian oocytes frozen in 20% glycerol + 10% ethylene glycol + 30% Ficoll + 10% sucrose by vitrification were higher in cows (3.3) than both in pigs (2.6) and rabbits (2.3).