An IMM Approach for Tracking a Maneuvering Target with Kinematic Constraints Based on the Square Root Information Filter

  • Kim, Kyung-Youn (Department of Electronics Engineering, Cheju National University) ;
  • Kim, Joong-Soo (Department of Computer Engineering, Andong National University)
  • Published : 1996.06.01


An efficient interacting multiple mode(IMM) approach for tracking a maneuvering target with kinematic constraints is described based on the square root information filter(SRIF). The SRIF is employed instead of the conventional Kalman filter since it exhibits more efficient features in handling the kinematic constraints and improved numerical characteristics. The kinematic constraints are considered in the filtering process as pseudomeasurements where the degree of uncertainty is represented by the magnitude of the pseudomeasurement noise variance. The Monte Carlo simulations for the constant speed, maneuvering target are provided to demonstrate the improved tracking performance of the proposed algorithm.