Effect of Film Thickness on Gas Sensing Behavior of Thin-Film-Type Gas Sensor

박막 형 가스 센서에 있어서 가스 감지 속도에 대한 막 두께의 영향

  • Published : 1996.07.01


Effect of Film thickness on the sensing behavior of thin-film-type ags sensor has been analyzed by deriving an equation form a simple model, and the equation was applied to the sensing behavior of ${SnO}_{2}$ and CuO-${SnO}_{2}$ thin-film sensors. It was revealed, from the equation,that the gas sensing property was closely related to gas diffusivity into the film which was a function of film thickness, reactivity of the gas detected with sensing material, operating temperature, etc. The equation derived was well consistent with the experimental results from ${SnO}_{2}$ and CuO-${SnO}_{2}$ thin-film sensors and explained their different ${H}_{2}S$ sensing behaviors. Finally, a medel was suggested, explainning the effect of gas diffusivity on sensing be havior of oxide semiconductor sensor.



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