A Study on Mechanical Properties of Fillet Weldment in Pipeline Repair Welding Using Sleeve

슬리브덮개를 이용한 배관 보수용접시 필릿용접부의 기계적특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1996.10.01


In Korea Gas Corporation, as one of the pipeline repairing methods, damaged pipelines are sometimes treated with a temporally employment of split sleeve. On conducting the repair process, circumferential fillet and longitudinal groove welding usually must be included. For the case of groove welding, a considerable amount of R&D have been carried out related to property changes, while few study on the property change in fillet welding has been conducted. In this paper, so as to confirm the specification of fillet welding in terms of safety and reliability, properties changed by fillet welding were investigated for two welding processes. Qualifying tests such as reviewing macrostructure and nick-break tests were performed according to API 1104 and ASME section IX. In addition, tensile properties and hardness were evaluated according to KS B0841 and BS 4515. The fillet weld prepared by the qualified procedure showed melting depth of 0.8∼1.3mm and heat affected zone of 2.8∼3.4mm length. No crack and lack of penetration were observed. And the results of hardness and nick-break tests satisfied code requirements. The area crossed by fillet and groove welding line was found to have minimal tensile strength.