¹H NMR Study of the Effect of G-T Mismatches on Dynamics and Stability of d(GCGTGCGC)₂ and Its Berenil Complex

  • Published : 1996.11.20


The effects of G-T mismatches on thermal stability, the base-pair lifetime and the global structure of a d(GCGTGCGC)2 duplex were studied by using 1H NMR, UV and CD spectroscopy. The existence of G-T mismatches was found to cause a noticeable change in the chemical environment of imino protons associated with significant decrease in the base-pair lifetime at the mismatched site as well as in thermal stability of the duplex itself. The melting transition of d(GCGTGCGC)2 was not cooperative at all at 100 mM or lower concentration of NaCl, but became cooperative at 500 mM or higher NaCl concentration. The melting temperature (Tm) of this duplex was 32℃ at 500 mM concentration of NaCl, which is much lower than that of d(GCGCGCGC)2 at the same NaCl concentration. This suggests that the decrease in stability may be ascribed to the decrease in the base-pair lifetime and the deviation from the normal structure due to the G-T mismatches. Adding berenil to d(GCGTGCGC)2 caused no observable change in the global structure but the large decrease in the base-pair lifetime and the stability of the duplex.



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