Synthetic Studies on the Nucleophilic Adducts of Thiophenol Derivatives to 4'-[N-(9-Acridinyl)]-1'-(N-methanesulfonyl)-3'-methoxyquinonediimide

4'-[N-(9-Acridinyl)]-1'-(N-methanesulfonyl)-3'-methoxyquinonediimide에 대한 Thiophenol 유도체의 친핵성 첨가물의 합성에 관한 연구

  • Kim, Tae Rin (Department of Chemistry, Korea University) ;
  • Chung, Dong In (Industrial Health Research Institute Korea Industrial Safety Corporation) ;
  • Pyun, Sang Yong (Department of Chemistry, Pukyung National University)
  • 김태린 (고려대학교 화학과) ;
  • 정동인 (한국산업안전공단 산업보건연구원) ;
  • 편상용 (부경대학교 화학과)
  • Published : 19960800


A simple and efficient new synthetic method of 4'-[N-(9-acridinyl)]-1'-(N-methanesulfonyl)-3'-methoxyquinonediimide(AMQD, 5) was developed and six new nucleophilic adducts(6a-6f) were prepared by the addition of thiophenol derivatives to AMQD. The structures of these compounds were confirmed by elemental analysis, mass, ir and nmr spectra.



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