Characteristics of ${\alpha}$-Cyclodextrin Modified Carbon Paste Electrode

${\alpha}$-Cyclodextrin으로 화학수식된 Carbon Paste 전극의 특성

  • 전영국 (계명대학교 자연과학대학 화학과) ;
  • 김봉원 (계명대학교 자연과학대학 화학과) ;
  • 김희정 (계명대학교 자연과학대학 화학과) ;
  • 조영달 (계명대학교 자연과학대학 화학과) ;
  • 정진갑 (계명대학교 자연과학대학 화학과)
  • Received : 1996.04.25
  • Published : 1996.09.25


A carbon paste electrode were chemically modified using ${\alpha}$-cyclodextrin. Characteristics of chemically modified carbon paste electrodes were studied on the basis of the inclusion complex formation of ${\alpha}$-cyclodextrin and p-nitrophenol in solution. Cyclic voltammetry and differential pulse voltammetry were used to monitor the efficiency of the chemical modification. When the ${\alpha}$-cyclodextrin and carbon powder ratio of 2 : 1 in weight were used, the reduction peak current of p-nitrophenol was decreased almost completely, whereas those of o-nitrophenol and hydroquinone were not changed much. This result is due to the large difference in the inclusion complex formation constants of p-nitrophenol and the other probes with ${\alpha}$-cyclodextrin. Taking advantage of this difference, we can determine the concentration of o-nitrophenol even in the presence of p-nitrophenol.


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