Spectrophotometric Determination of Lanthanide Ions by Flow Injection Analysis

Flow Injection Analysis에 의한 란탄족 이온들의 흡광광도 정량

  • 강삼우 (한남대학교 이과대학 화학과) ;
  • 조광희 (한남대학교 이과대학 화학과)
  • Received : 1996.04.27
  • Published : 1996.09.25


Spectrophotometric properties of lanthanide complexes with methylthymol blue(MTB) and cetyltrimethylammonium bromide(CTAB) were studied and also lanthanide(III) ions were determined by flow injection analysis on the base of the above results. The absorption maxima of lanthanide(III)-MTB complexes in the presence of CTAB are 635nm with molar absorptivity of $4.51{\sim}6.11{\times}10^4Lmol^{-1}cm^{-l}$ at pH 5.8. The mole ratio of lanthanide(III) complexes with MTB is 1:2 in the presence of CTAB. The calibration curves of lanthanide(III) ions obey the Beer's law in the range of 0.1 to 0.4ppm under the optimum condition. The samples throughput was ca. $60hr^{-1}$. The interfering effect of some cations and anions was investigated. The ligand anions such as tartrate and citrate, many transition and rare earth elements interfered severely and must be removed before the determination of lanthanide(III) ions.


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