A Study on the Trace Analysis of Germanium in Inorganic Matrices by Differential Pulse Polarography

Differential Pulse Polarography에 의한 무기물 시료 중 Germanium의 미량 분석에 관한 연구

  • Received : 1996.05.28
  • Published : 1996.09.25


Analytical method for the determination of trace germanium in inorganic matrices by differential pulse polarography(DPP) was studied. The reduction peak of germanium(IV) in perchloric acid solution containing 1, 2, 3-trihydroxy benzene appeared at -0.45V(vs. Ag/AgCl) and the peak current for germanium complex varied linearly with concentration variation. Factors affecting sensitivity and precision for germanium quantification were studied and detection limit under the investigated parameters was 1ng/ml. Inorganic samples were decomposed by fusion with potassium pyrosulfate. Serious interferences of Se(IV), Pb(II), As(III) for the determination of germanium were discussed. Interferences of these elements could be avoided by extraction of germanium from decomposed matrices by $CCl_4$ in 10M HCl solution. The germanium contents of inorganic samples(Pb bf. dust, Cu bf. dust, gneiss, Cu anode slime) were determined by the above method.


Germanium;DPP;Trace analysis;Inorganic samples