Electrochemical Properties and Synthesis of Poly(ether)tailed Cobalt(II)bipyridine Complex

폴리(에테르)사슬이 결합된 Cobalt(II)bipyridine 착물의 합성과 전기화학적 성질

  • Received : 1996.07.26
  • Published : 1996.09.25


The synthesis of poly(ether)tailed bipyridine complex as redox reaction probes has advanced attempts to interpret very slow diffusion and heterogeneous electron transfer. Diffusion coefficients as low as $1.5{\times}10^{-15}cm^2/s$ have been observed for the oxidation of neat $Co(bpy(ppgm)_2)_{3^-}(ClO_4)_2$ with $LiClO_4$ electrolyte. Heterogeneous electron transfer rate constants of materials were found to vary with diffusion coefficient. The decrease in k as the diffusion coefficient decreases was actually caused by the decreasing D. Diffusion coefficient for compound of strong ion pairing anion($ClO{_4}^-$) was much smaller than the diffusion coefficient for compound of weak ion pairing anion($CF_3COO^-$).


Diffusion coefficient;heterogeneous electron transfer rate constant;microelectrode;poly(ether)tailed bipyridine complex


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