Serum selenium and α-tocopherol concentration in Cheju mares

제주도 암말의 혈청 selenium과 α-tocopherol 농도에 관하여

  • Received : 1995.08.18
  • Published : 1996.03.25


Clinical findings of white muscle disease or dystrophia were reported in Hokkaido horses from 1960. This disease was caused by selenium and $\alpha$-tocopherol deficiency. Therefore, this study were conducted to measure serum selenium and $\alpha$-tocopherol levels in Cheju island horses using feedstuffs containing volcanic ashes. The results were as follows : 1. The mean values of serum total selenium and $\alpha$-tocophcrol were $91.90{\pm}49.18ppb$(13.20ppb-193.80ppb) and $0.345{\pm}0.253mg/dl$(0.056mg/dl-1.159mg/dl) in female respectively. There were no significant relation between serum total selenium and $\alpha$-tocopherol levels. 2. 22%(15 of 68) of the horse examined showed selenium levels below 50ppb. 11.8%(8 of 68) showed $\alpha$-tocopherol levels lower than 0.10mg/dl. These results could be useful to diagnose of white muscle disease of Cheju island foals and quality control of feedstuffs of pregnant mares.