Spontaneous squamous cell carcinoma in the stomach and tongue of Japanese monkeys(Macaca fuscata)

일본원숭이의 위장과 혀에서 자연발생한 편평상피세포암

  • Kang, Boo-hyon (Toxicology Research Center, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology) ;
  • Kim, Dae-yong (Department of Veterinary Pathology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University) ;
  • Shin, Nam-sik (Yong-In Farm Land) ;
  • Kwon, Soo-wan (Yong-In Farm Land)
  • 강부현 (한국화학연구소 스크리닝.안전성연구센터) ;
  • 김대용 (서울대학교 수의과대학 병리학교실) ;
  • 신남식 (용인자연농원) ;
  • 권수완 (용인자연농원)
  • Received : 1995.09.05
  • Published : 1996.03.25


Two cases of stomach mass and one case of tongue mass were observed in Japanese monkeys(Macaca fuscata) which were raised in Yong-in Farm Land. Histologically, two spontaneous tumors were found in the cardiac region of the stomach and were diagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma. These tumors had invaded the submucosa, muscular layer and serosa, but metastasis was not found in the other tissues including the lymph node. One spontaneous tongue mass was diagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma.