Immunohistochemical studies on the distribution of neuropeptides in the tongue of Korean native goat

한국재래산양 혀에 분포하는 신경전달물질에 관한 면역조직화학적 연구

  • Lee, Heungshik S. (College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University) ;
  • Lee, In-se (College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University) ;
  • Kang, Tae-cheon (College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University)
  • 이흥식 (서울대학교 수의과대학 해부학교실) ;
  • 이인세 (서울대학교 수의과대학 해부학교실) ;
  • 강태천 (서울대학교 수의과대학 해부학교실)
  • Received : 1996.04.23
  • Published : 1996.06.25


This study was performed to identify the localization of several neuropeptides; calcitonin gene-related peptide(CGRP), substance P(SP), vasoactive intestinal polypeptide(VIP), neuropeptide Y(NPY), serotonin(5-HT) and neurotensin in the tongue of Korean native goat(Capra hircus) by immunohistochemical method. The results were summarized as follows: CGRP- and SP-immunoreactive fibers were observed as moderate immunoreactivity at the subepithelial plexus and subgemmal fibers in lamina propria of lingual papillae, but not seen in intragemmal, intergemmal, perigemmal fibers as well as in the supporting, basal and taste cells. Fibers around the acinus of the von Ebner's gland and blood vessels showed weak immunoreactivities against CGRP and SP. In the intrinsic ganglion cells, CGRP- and SP-immunoreactivities were not observed. The distribution patterns of VIP- and NPY-immunoreactive fibers were similar to CGRP-or SP-immunoreactive fibers, but their immunoreactivities were stronger than those of CGRP- or SP immunoreactive fibers. The immunoreactivities to VIP or NPY were seen in the intrinsic ganglion. Only a few serotonin immunoreactive fibers were seen in some filiform or fungiform papillae. Neurotensin immunoreactivity was not observed in the tongue of Korean native goat.


Supported by : 한국학술진흥재단