Characteristics of Pr1-xMxMnO3(M=Ca, Sr) as a Cathode Material of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

고체전해질형 연료전지용 Pr1-xMxMnO3(M-Ca, Sr) 산소극 재료의 특성

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  • Received : 1996.08.06
  • Accepted : 1996.09.16
  • Published : 1996.12.10


Ca or Sr-doped $PrMnO_3$ were prepared for cathode material of solid oxide fuel cell. The characteristics such as the electrical conductivity and the cathodic overpotential were investigated as to doping contents. Also the reactivity with yttria stabilized zirconia of electrolyte, and the thermal expansion coefficient were studied. The prepared perovskite powder had the mean particle size of $2{\sim}5{\mu}m$, and the particle size and the surface area was out of relation to the doping content. When Ca doping amount of electrode material was 30mol%, the electrical conductivity was the highest value of $266S{\cdot}cm^{-1}$ at $1000^{\circ}C$, and also the polarization characteristics showed the best property. The reactivity between YSZ and Ca-doped $PrMnO_3$ at $1200^{\circ}C$ for 100hours was lower than that between YSZ and Sr-doped $PrMnO_3$. The thermal expansion coefficient of $Pr_{0.7}Ca_{0.3}MnO_3$ was $1.19{\times}10^{-5}K^{-1}$ in the temperature range of $300{\sim}1000^{\circ}C$, and this value was similar to that of YSZ, $1.15{\times}10^{-5}K^{-1}$.



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